1. BMJ Learning BMJ ONExamiantion is the leading resource for online assessment amongst health professionals. It offers highly efficient question marking & analysis engine that helps doctors revise for their examinations, helping them to focus on the areas they need to improve to pass their exams.

2. Who can use BMJ OnExamination?
- HSC Academic Staff
- PhD. and Master Students
- Medical students

3. How to apply for BMJ OnExamination?
Fill the form, send to HSCL Administration. Once your form is approved , Select your exmas from the following:
- BMJ OnExamination International Medical Student Years 1-3
- BMJ OnExamination International Medical Student Years 4-5
- BMJ OnExamination Postgraduate exams

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For help with password or logon issues contact::
- Eng. Moudhi Almutairi , Tel: 00965 24636582.
- Eng. Muneera Alibrahim , Tel: 00965 24636167.
- Eng. Manju Thomas , Tel: 00965 24636108.

For more information about performing search and using VDiscovery contact:
- Automation Department, Tel: 00965 24636167.

5. Tutorials
User Guide

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