Medical Education and Careers

AAMC,Association of American Medical Colleges

An AAMC compaign to increase diversity in medicine.

Offers residency programs in all the medical fields and their corresponding locations in the U.S.A.

Guide to Diagnostic Imaging Careers
A comprehensive Guide to Diagnostic Imaging Careers.

CME Center - Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization
The CME Center aims to assist practitioners in the health professions to keep abreast of the developments in their specialties and related fields.

Medical Assistant Scholarships
If you're already enrolled in school (or soon to be), check out this roundup of scholarship sources that can help fund your future as a medical assistant.

Medical Education Network
Designed to network medical education on the World Wide Web. It includes basic and clinical science curriculum for undergraduate, graduate, and continuous medical education.

Online Medical Assistant Programs
    How to Choose an Online Medical Assistant Program
    Earning Your Medical Assistant Certification
    Career Guide
    Medical Assistant Scholarships

Resident Web
Its purpose is to provide a one-step on the Internet for medical residents and students. It provides its members with the tools, resources and means to enrich their experience as residents and prepare them for the future.

Lectures in Respiratory Physiology
A tutorial which includes course objectives and instructions, class notes, examination questions, students comments and questions, and assigned course textbooks.

Teaching Hospitals
A list of hospitals that play an educational as well as a clinical role sorted alphabetically and geographically.