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How to access Library Resources from a remote (off campus) computer

Access to the following library resources are freely available to all (regardless of location) and do not require authentication, only that you have internet access:

Off-campus access to most articles, ebooks, electronic journals, and databases is available only to current hsc students, faculty, and staff*. How to connect?

Methods for accessing HSC Library Databases:
  • VDiscovery "Athens"
  • (VPN) HSC Virtual Private Network

What is VDiscovery "Athens"?
This allows off-campus access to ATHENS-authenticated e-resources from anywhere in the world.  When prompted to login, enter your personal VDiscovery HSCLA e-Portal account username and password.
(NB: not all e-resources use VDiscovery "Athens" for off-campus access).

How to apply for Athens?
Fill the Form, send to HSCL Administration. Once your form is approved, click on VDiscovery HSCLA e-Portal to access Your own VDiscovery HSCLA e-Portal homepage.

If you forget your VDiscovery HSCLA e-Portal username or password:
Just click on “Forgot Password”, in the Login Box and then enter the Email address you used for registration, you will then recieve you username and password by Email.

Where do I report a problem with VDiscovery HSCLA e-Portal account?
For any technical problem contact::
- Eng. Moudhi Almutairi , Tel: 00965 24986582.
- Eng. Muneera Alibrahim , Tel: 00965 24986167.
For more information about performing search using VDiscovery contact: - Automation Department, Tel: 00965 24986167.

What is VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection?
Indirect access to the HSC network from another network, via a broadband Internet connection; this allows seamless access to e-resources normally only available within the University network, without any username or password, as if you were on campus; an ATHENS account is not required.

How do I setup my computer to use VPN?
Use the URLs below to learn more about VPN and to get instructions for getting started.
VPN access to HSCLA resources

Where do I report a problem with VPN?
For any assistant please call HSC help disk at: 24986666

Setting up HSC VPN on the iPhone or iPod Touch?